Mods fouad whatsapp latest version download APK 2022

Mods fouad whatsapp latest version

Fouad WhatsApp Features

The fouad whatsapp latest version comes with new and improved options and some tweaks that will make the user experience better. This blog is only related to Fouad Whatsapp and you will find a lot of interesting guides and features here. Between the two posts, I will share the Fouad Whatsapp Apk file and how to fouad whatsapp download on your Android smartphone.

The Mod for Whatsapp aka Fouad Whatsapp will take your Whatsapp to the advanced level with its super cool features. It's so easy to install. You can also find a guide to it in this article! You can also use Fouad Whatsapp together with the official Whatsapp or as a dual Whatsapp on a single device, which is an interesting feature of fraud whatsapp.

Auto-reply messages

Sometimes people are too lazy to reply to other people's pleasant messages. It is not a good thing to just keep other people silent, because it may not be so ethical. You'd better activate the auto-reply message feature.

For example, if someone sends a message Assalamualaikum, then you can reply to the automatic message in the form of Waalaikumsalam.

Ability to send large files

We all know that the original version of WhatsApp had limitations in terms of file transfer. Each user could not send a file if it was so large that they were forced to open an email.

However, sending emails can be very inconvenient in situations where decisions must be made quickly. All these problems are solved when someone uses fouad wa 8.95 latest fmmods, because it can send files of very large size.


Fouad WA is also equipped with an anti-ban feature. Because, Fouad wa is an application made by a third party. Maybe some people are still hesitant to use this application. Because of the risk of getting banned etc. But Fouad WA itself already provides an anti-ban feature. Therefore, you don't need to hesitate to use it anymore.